Service Level Agreements

The Probat Standard Service Offering

Use our services on an as-needed basis. Customers can ask for individual services if required, without signing a Service Level Agreement. The service components and advantages of our standard service offering are:

  • Set-up and commissioning, maintenance and supervision, repairs, turnkey projects, retrofitting / overhauls, lab analyses and trainings
  • Telephone expert support within the regular service hours (free of charge if less than 15 minutes)
  • Maintenance, repair etc. on call (depending on availability) including documentation of service and support assignments
  • Billing of all incoming service calls (without a service contract)
  • Free of charge instructions for new machines
  • Security updates of machines


Advantages of Probat SLA

The main focus of the PROBAT SLA lies on the benefits our customers receive as a result of the service. Thus they are:

Highest Availability of Machines and Plants

Preventive and proactive maintenance measures reduce unexpected machine failure. Reduced and guaranteed reaction time of our technicians and spare part providers allow for fast on-site support. The extended availability of our experts ensures the best possible support even beyond normal working hours. The service management assists our customers in their service job scheduling.

Plannable Life Cycle Costs

General cost rates and contingents reduce expenditures and give you better planning stability and transparency of your maintenance procedures.

Increased Productivity of Machines and Plants

Additional consultation services and condition monitoring increase productivity and guarantee an optimal maintenance strategy. Extended software and hardware services and additional training options ensure high efficiency and security of personnel and machines.

Reduced Life Cycle Costs

High-quality and regular service lower the overall operating costs for your machines and plants. High discount contingents reduce your costs for maintenance services.

Spare parts

A fast and comprehensive spare parts service is essential to keep your machine running. Our original spare parts are made with the utmost precision, and we make sure that they are available at the right place and the right time. We can do this thanks to our comprehensive spare parts warehouse and a global network of partner companies, along with expert contact partners and service staff near you.

Condition assessment old systems and retrofit

You don’t always need to buy a completely new machine.  It can often be just as sensible to check and service existing system components to bring them up to date. We are happy to do this for you. We analyse the current condition of your system and decide which measures are necessary to get it in shape.

Our experts take a close look at your machines and systems, and recommend suitable upgrade and expansion packages. These are always individually tailored to your specific needs.

Our retrofit service is proven, reliable and cost effective, and lets you invest in the future of your machines. We will be happy to help you.

Support & Troubleshooting

Our experts can also provide support if one of your machines or even the entire production line breaks down. In these scenarios, it is essential to provide spare parts and repair services quickly, along with expert technical service. We can help you minimise system downtimes.

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